Work- and conversation groups / Dialogue-walks

at the World Goetheanum Forum 2018

  • Helmy Abouleish, Cairo, Demeter International; SEKEM: “The connection between the development of consciousness and human individuality, of organizations and community” (two-hour sessions both a.m. and p.m.)
  • Hans-Joachim Achatzi, Gauting, “New economic thinking 2011-2018-2024”: The new arises from initiative. This was the starting point in June 2011 connecting friends to tackle the question, what a "21. century global economy" looks like and what we can contribute. In October 2018 we will have our 19. gathering in Zurich. Several initiatives arose from our meetings. In the workshop we will have a look, what has become visible and what we have learned, reflect on our question and develop perspectives for 2024.
  • Tillman Kieser, Herne, Hibernia School: “Bildungsbaustein”: The Hibernia School`s active impulse for integrated vocational training, which follows the original ideal of Waldorf Education, has yielded two "educational building blocks": - The attempt, within the context of a school model and developmental workshops, to make the experiences gained in vocational training fertile for the school movement and education in general. - In a joint project of Waldorf Schools with a vocational orientation and the TRIARGOS Netzwerk in Freburg (Germany), an educational building block ("Sustainable Mobility") has been developed which, in providing a charging station for electric bicycles, combines theory and practice and can be passed on to schools and institutions.  
  • Mathias Forster, Arlesheim, Bio-Stiftung Schweiz: “Soil Fertility Fund project”: For us, working associatively means: 1.) Addressing and securing soil fertility for the future in cooperation with individuals, enterprises and organizations, 2.) Establishing reliable support from society as a whole for farmers who work sustainably as a way of enabling new kinds of relationship, 3.) Developing and providing tools and concepts that support and facilitate this process. We gladly present information on the current status of the project and on concrete possibilities for associative and cooperative working.
  • Gerald Häfner, Dornach, Goetheanum /  Armin Steuernagel, Berlin, Purpose Stiftung; Purpose Ventures e.G. “Workshop report and panel discussion on shifting the paradigm of property: Who owns the company?”
  • Lukas Kunert, Merzhausen, elinor / Falk Zientz, Bochum, GLS Bank: “Digital solidarity insurance”: From the Babylonian caravans to insurance groups to digital personal insurance. How does our consciousness change through the shared moving of money and through compassion with the suffering of others? Conversation and report on new forms of insurance with examples from elinor, the first German peer-to-peer insurance platform.
  • Thomas Schmid, Herdwangen, IBDA: “How do we work together fruitfully as communities?”: Working together seems to come natural to us. Is this really so? Using concrete examples, the participants will look at their own experiences of work situations and identify their own suppositions and their consequences.
  • Boris Voelkel, Höhbeck, Voelkel GmbH: Report on “Associative steps / trials”: Healthy structures as a basis for healthy food! I see associative economics as a chance for retailers of natural foods to re-invent themselves. The first cautious steps have been taken toward understanding and taking action. How can we stay authentic? How can the movement grow in size and quality? Let`s put the high demand to good use!
  • Thomas Jorberg, Bochum, GLS Bank: "Consumers - citizens - human beings": The consumer in me is concerned with what I need, the citizen in me committed to the common good. We are all familiar with these inner conflicts. What can they teach us? How can they help us grow, personally and as a society?
  • Georg Soldner, Dornach, Goetheanum / Justus Wittich, Dornach, Goetheanum: "Partnership in the World Goetheanum Association: Information and Exchange"
  • Ha Vinh Tho, Palézieux-Village, Eurasia Learning Institute for Happiness and Wellbeing: “Implementing Gross National Happiness in education and in business”
  • Hermann Pohlmann, Schopfheim, Teikei Network: "TeikeiCoffee - Pilotprojekt für Assoziatives Wirtschaften" / Teikei Coffee - pilot project in associative economic activity": Associations are alliances of people who are producing, trading and consuming, whilst aiming to find the right price that keeps everyone involved happy. We see Teikei Coffee as a pilot project for an associative economic approach. Our coffee farmers in Mexico, the crew on the sailing ship, our coffee roasters in Hamburg: our entire team is funded according to their needs by our coffee drinkers.