Living economic, social and spiritual responsibility

28th - 30th September 2018


Dear friends and all those who might be interested,

what are the major entrepreneurial challenges that need to be mastered in the companies, institutions and initiatives of today? How is it possible, within everyday life, to draw from such spiritual springs as those which are given to us through Anthroposophy and its School for Spiritual Science? Which inter-disciplinary questions and fruitful experiences can we share, what forms of collaboration are being developed and what forms of training and exchange do we and our co-workers need and seek?

At the World Goetheanum Forum, we want to exchange views with partners and interested parties from all walks of life, with respect to the way we live and shape our economic, social and spiritual responsibilities. The Forum offers, via short keynote speeches, working groups, dialogue walks, terrace talks and mealtime breaks, the opportunity to get in direct contact with people who are active in various ways within many different sectors of life. For example, the spokesman of the Board of the GLS-Bank and the head of SEKEM will participate, as well as Demeter farmers and representatives of Northeast Indian tea producers, founders of innovative Waldorf school projects such as the Parsifalschule in Karlsruhe as well as Ha Vinh Tho, who leads a pedagogical reform project in Vietnam and the Gross National Happiness project in Bhutan. Section leaders of the School for Spiritual Science at the Goetheanum and self-employed in many fields of life, successful young entrepreneurs and founders of student initiatives are shaping the forum just as much as senior co-workers of social-therapeutic institutions and those people who have built up an innovative, growing network within the field of addiction therapy.

Everyone interested is invited to participate in this forum. We look forward to being able to welcome you at the World Goetheanum Forum!

Fabio Brescasin, Rembert Biemond, Gerald Häfner, Ueli Hurter, Paul Mackay, Georg Soldner, Sonja Schüler, Armin Steuernagel, Ioana Viscrianu, Verena Wahl, Justus Wittich