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The World Goetheanum Association, as a network of partners is effective in sofar as the partners establish connections between themselves and achieve their goals. The greater the diversity of partners, the more diverse the exchange, the greater aditional benefit between everyone, and the greater the potential to become effective in the world for which we feel responsible. That's why we invite you to become a partner.

You can become a partner by sending us a letter in which you

  • Describe your company / institution (brief outline)
  • Share the link to your company's website
  • Describe your motivation to become a partner (brief outline)
  • Share what you have heard about the World Goetheanum Association.

Upon receipt of your letter, it will be discussed by an admission committee composed of members of the group of initiators.
If the committee decides positively, we will send you our charter for signing, which you then return to us in signed form.

You can become a partner if you represent a company, an institution or an initiative that is committed to social and sustainable goals and whose actions are guided by the vision of a just world based on human dignity.

As a Partner you connect ideally with the goals of the World Goetheanum Association as described in our charter. With your signature, you will not incur any financial or other liabilities. Rather, it declares your willingness to work actively and in partnership-based cooperation to stimulate and expand the Association's international network.

You can terminate your partnership at any time. We ask for an informal letter.