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Charter of the World Goetheanum Association


The World Goetheanum Association is a worldwide forum for the future development of humanity and the earth. Here, partners from all fields of life connect, for example agriculture, education, medicine, the arts, commerce and banking. Partners can be companies and institutions as well as the self-employed. Each is to be represented in the Association by a person carrying responsibility for their respective enterprise.

Via this means, we want to create an open space for meeting and development, as well as for a network that promotes inter-disciplinary and cross-sector innovations, worldwide contacts and relationships, all to be founded upon the shared values of: freedom, respect and cosmopolitanism, cultural diversity, lived spirituality, friendship and warmth of heart. Essential to us is a responsible relationship to the living earth, our fellow human beings as well as to the spiritual dimension of the world.

We support the collaboration of practice and research. As a result, the associated partners promote the living and fruitful development of an Anthroposophy that is oriented towards the central challenges of the present and of the future. It is an important source of inspiration for us, as well as being a reference point for dialogue with other impulses and worldviews.

The signatories want to hereby form the starting point for a forum for regular verbal exchange with one another, in which questions and challenges can be better answered or resolved via inter-generational dialogue with others. At the same time, we intend to develop new cultural, social, ecological and economically sustainable projects. Important to us is the chance for mutual reflection and learning from successes as well as from failures. Via our work, and in connection with other people and organizations, we strive together to make an active contribution towards meeting the needs and challenges of our time.

Goetheanum, Dornach, 18th May 2018