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The World Goetheanum Association is carried by grants from foundations as well as donations and contributions from the partners. This supports an administrative office as well as the diverse activities of the association. These include the organization and implementation of partner meetings and public forum events, partner communication and implementation of the association's own projects.

In addition, the World Goetheanum Association supports projects of its partners with the acquisition of project funding.
All support will help to further develop the network of the World Goetheanum Association.

We are grateful for your donations and contributions.

Donations and invoices are available on request.

Accounts for contributions and project donations for the World Goetheanum Fund:


Stiftung Evidenz
IBAN CH16 0839 2000 0315 6330 9
Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Basel, BIC FRGGCHB1
Purpose: Contribution to World Goetheanum Association or Project World Goetheanum Fund


Förderstiftung Anthroposophie
IBAN: DE49 4306 0967 7001 0343 00
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Purpose: Contribution World Goetheanum Association or Project World Goetheanum Fund

Please note that your contribution will be passed on to the World Goetheanum Association through third parties. By making a payment to one of the institutions listed above, you agree that your data may also be processed and stored by third parties.


Initiative Group
Rüttiweg 45
CH – 4143 Dornach / Switzerland
Tel. +41 61 706 43 29