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The speed of change in the environment of organizations has been increasing steadily for years and the complexity that these organizations has to cope with is increasing significantly. At the same time, we observe that people, especially the younger generations, have a new awareness of themselves and the environment.
Responding to these changes with existing forms of organizational structures is becoming less and less successful. Some companies have already responded and successfully established new forms of cooperation, but many are still looking for a new working culture of togetherness.

This workshop presents first in short impulse lectures organizations and projects which have experience with a new kind of cooperation or are on the way there.

In the second part, the participants discuss their experiences and challenges of forms of cooperation and address the question: How can we put the human being back into the center of the cooperation or organization and at the same time achieve common goals in the present and future environment?

The workshop will be organized by Michael Brenner, Co-Managing Director of Weleda AG.

Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner

Michael Brenner is Co-Managing Director of the Weleda Group. In his role, he is responsible for the support and service areas of the company. These include finances, human resources, organisational development, culture & identity, and sustainability. Michael Brenner has been working for Weleda since 2012.