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We need change – and quicker than ever before. In order to master the task, new forms of social alliances are needed. Luckily, something is moving and new people of action are emerging: with Fridays for Future pupils and students are carrying their demands onto the streets. They have great success and have much backing from #parentsforfutre, #companiesforfuture, # sientistsforfuture  and many more. Elsewhere other people are making new and collaborative planning for agriculture, acting together as consumers and producers. And the new Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR)  trend shows that sustainable economics must also be political. Companies such as GLS BANK with political demands and commitment implement this. Activists in the organic sector are joining forces and, basing themselves on science and in alliance with future friendly agriculture are calling for the end of pesticides.
We will turn out attention to these develepments and will enter into one example in depth. Invited are all people who support one of these movements. Together we will explore how we, for example, individually, as a firm, as a member of the alliance can engage in new forms

Dr. Antje Tönnis

Dr. Antje Tönnis

Dr. Antje Tönnis, Geoscientist, worked in political management (The Greens) and in Communications (GLS Treuhand, GLS Bank)