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The second World Goetheanum Forum will be enriched by the presence of non-govermental initiatives from the international network of the Anthroposophical Society: Social, ecological, agricultural, educational, medical, humanitarian, social-therapeutic, political, economic and artistic initiatives from all over the world that are close to the anthroposophical impulse will be invited to the Forum to present their concerns to the conference community: Because within the framework of this year's conference a "live crowdfunding" will take place. Invited initiatives will introduce themselves with short presentations and posters. The joint perception of the landscape of initiatives provides an overview of the "good things that are in the making in the world" and thereby the prerequisite for a "warm stream of money" that emanates from the WGA and the conference participants and can flow into all anthroposophical fields of life.
A sum of 50,000 € will be made available for the forum, the funds of which will be supplemented by spontaneous donations from all those present and given to the initiatives by the assembled participants. The conference community will have room for individual funding decisions by individual participants as well as for collaborative considerations.

The event format of live crowdfunding exercises a de-bureaucratization of money allocation. The result of the process is a real, human encounter between donors and recipients and the emergence of a culture of trust in dealing with money and lending processes. The experience gained may perhaps give rise to impulses that could become the starting point for a future culture of financial support of the World Goetheanum Association.

The live crowdfunding is conceived and moderated by three young entrepreneurs: Armin Steuernagel (Purpose AG), Benjamin Brockhaus (Neopolis.Network) and Jonas von der Gathen (Schindler&von der Gathen).

Pitch stage

Announcement – Call for Initiatives

The 'World Goetheanum Association' will award at least €50,000 to anthroposophically inspired initiatives through a live crowdfunding process at this year's forum from 27-28 September 2019. Entrepreneurs and institutional leaders will be present at the forum, so that the amount awarded can be even higher, especially if inspiring projects appear. No guarantee can be given that an initiative presented at the forum will also receive funding. All funding decisions are only made on-site, within the framework of a collaborative allocation process of all participants.

Who can apply?
Applications are open to non-governmental initiatives from all walks of life that have a direct or extended connection with anthroposophy. From ecological to social, humanitarian, scientific, educational, political or artistic concerns - whether individuals, groups, associations or social enterprises - we look forward to receiving your application!

Click here for the application form!            

What to prepare if you are invited?
A 5-minute short talk on the questions:

  • What is the purpose and goal of your initiative?
  • Who will carry the initiative?
  • How do you collaborate?
  • What is the demand or the potential of your project?
  • What do you need money for and how much?

Furthermore you will get a pinboard in the hall, which you can design creatively with pictures, posters, paintings etc. in order to also be present during the breaks.

What support can we offer?
All selected initiatives will receive a free conference ticket including catering. If necessary, we can provide simple sleeping facilities. If you have any questions about the preparation and the format, we will be happy to advise you.
The WGA can also support a few initiatives with travel expenses. However, the small travel fund is mainly reserved for initiatives from disadvantaged and distant countries.

Contact: associationgoetheanum.LÖ

And here you can find the announcement in PDF format.