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In 1982 Aonghus Gordon founded the Ruskin Mill Center for Cultural Development. Today, this includes eight centres:

  • Five technical colleges for young adults
  • Two technical schools
  • An adult centre for care and personal development

All centres are rated "Good" to "Excellent" by Ofsted. The Trust has over 800 employees.
All centres are home to biodynamic farms and gardens.
They are supported by a research centre (the Field Centre, established in 2013) which, in cooperation with other academic institutions, conducts master-level training and doctoral students.

International collaboration

  • Meristem College, a collaboration with Ruskin Mill Trust in Sacramento, USA
  • A Master’s in specialist education, Practical Skills Transformative Education, a collaboration between Ruskin Mill Trust, the Field Centre, and Inland Norway University
  • A Practical Skills Therapeutic Education research project, Revitalist, under Erasmus in Hungary
  • Education and training in Ruskin Mill’s Practical Skills Therapeutic Education in Shanghai, China

Awards and Accolades:
1990    Inner Journeys – BBC documentary on the ideas and work behind Ruskin Mill College
2002    Last Chance Saloon – ITV documentary on the work of Glasshouse College             
2005    Social Entrepreneur of the Year    Ernst and Young
Nominated as a member of the Guild of St George and the Royal Society of Arts

Aonghus Gordon works with the metaphor and principle of "Vital Beauty". His field of activity is social therapy. His inspirational sources include the ideas and thoughts of Dr. Rudolf Steiner and John Ruskin.

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Aonghus Gordon

Aonghus Gordon

Aonghus Gordon was born in 1955 and spent his formative years in Venice.  He attended the Rudolf Steiner school and then completed his BA in Ceramics and Art History which was followed by a teachers' training.  He travelled extensively before renovating Ruskin Mill in 1982 and developed Ruskin Mill Arts and Crafts Centre.  He founded the Living Earth Training Course in 1984, which developed into Ruskin Mill Educational Trust in 1996.  In the following years he co-founded furhter social establishments and was awarded «Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005».