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The increasing specialization of mankind obstructs the view to grasp the larger context. A human ability is now necessary – through the integration of thinking, feeling and willing – to recognize, make visible and allow a participation in relationships. As it is today , the world is a product of ourselves. Therefore there is a chance that we can change our present environment for the better.

What is the main quality needed for such a shift to take place in each one of us?

Jointly with entrepreneurs from the commercial and non-profit sectors we want to apply spiritual-scientific knowledge and practical examples to define what matters for us, and how to strengthen the changes that we long for.

We cordially welcome you to this year's WORLD GOETHEANUM FORUM.
Helmy Abouleish
Remco Bakker
Sebastian Bauer
Sebastian Bilbao
Annette Bopp
Michael Brenner
Fabio Brescacin
Hilmar Dahlem
Andrea De La Cruz Barral
Petra Derkzen
Volkert Engelsman
Christa Foppe
Mathias Forster
Christian Gelleri
Helene Hasler
Isabella Heidinger
Michael Heissenberg
Wolfgang Held
Christian Hiss
Michael Hösterey
Benjamin Hohlmann
Sanika Hufeland
Ueli Hurter
Florian Kollewijn
Johannes Kronenberg
Inke Kruse
Lukas Kunert
Friederike Mainz
Annette Massmann
Harald Matthes
Reinaldo Nascimento
Aurelio Parodi
Daniela von Pfuhlstein
Johannes Prahl
Jörg Probst
Melanie Reveriego
Magdalena Ries
Carsten Scheunemann
Andrej Schindler
Tido von Schoen-Angerer
Elfi Seiler
Ursula Sladek
Joan Sleigh
Georg Soldner
Andrea Valdinoci
Stefan Voelkel
Marlin Voss
Verena Wahl
Justus Wittich

The forum is aimed at entrepreneurs and executives in companies, institutions and initiatives. Registration documents on request.

For participants from non-European countries, participation in the Forum is possible via livestream. The recording is in English. For questions concerning the live stream please contact the office exclusively: associationworldgoetheanum.LÖ

Contact and registration documents:

World Goetheanum Association
Katharina Hofmann
Rüttiweg 45
CH-4143 Dornach

Tel: 0041 61 706 43 29