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Christian was born in Freiburg in 1961 and grew up on one of the first organic farms in Germany, in Eichstetten/Kaiserstuhl. He initially trained as a master gardener. At the age of 21 he established, next to his parents' farm, his own organic cultivated garden which he ran until 2006. When a bank in this year refused to grant a loan for the expansion of the business, Christian founded a public limited company to finance the operation and founding of new businesses dedicated to organic products.

The resulting enterprise ("Freiburger Regionalwert AG") obtains financial capital by issuing shares to citizens of the region. The stock company invests this capital in small and medium-sized enterprises of the organic food industry in the region; these represent the entire value chain, and the shareholders can thus help shape their own food supply. Simultaneously the access to capital for socially and ecologically active companies is facilitated.

The "Regionalwert AG Freiburg" has a share capital of approximately 4.5 million euros. The shareholders do not invest primarily in order to generate a monetary profit with the share; the focus remains rather on regional sustainable food production. In the meantime, other stock corporations following the Freiburg model were created in the Munich, Hamburg and Rhineland regions.

After later concluding his regular secondary education, Christian completed his studies with a degree as "Master of Social Banking and Social Finance" and has since been working on the monetarisation of ecosystem services and the extension of financial accounting to include social and ecological corporate productivity.

His book "Correct accounting – the ecological-economic turnaround by reforming the financial accounting" was published in 2015. It deals with the incompleteness of corporate financial accounting, which is applied to "measure" the processes of business management, and so "overlook" significant investments in the natural and social capital. It is therefore urgently necessary to expand the accounting system, in order to be able to fully reflect the total assets of each fiscal year. A balance sheet is only really meaningful when it reflects the entire economic reality.

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