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Bio Development AG

Bio Development AG supports projects for strengthening the agricultural production of organic and biodynamic foods in Germany, Switzerland and Italy by increasing the demand and systematically strengthening trade in Germany, Italy and Switzerland as well as other European countries and networking the various players.


[Translate to English:] Biodevelopment AG
[Translate to English:] Biodevelopment AG

With a strong sense of community, Bio Development AG is dedicated to promoting and networking inde-pendent, values-based organic food companies. This devotion results in a "table to farm" movement – an increase in the demand for authentic and high-quality products – which is happily met by motivated ‘farm to table’ farmers.


About Bio Development AG

Founded in 2009, today Bio Development AG is an important holding company within the organic food industry, whose mission is to providing organic companies with a healthy capital base and thus make a significant contribution to the further development of an authentic, competitive organic industry with a strong identity that is independent of large corporations. It pursues a long-term, sustainable development and promotes entrepreneurial cooperation by forming networks along the entire value chain. Bio Development AG is led by the Board of Directors, consisting of Markus Lüthi (Chairman), Dr. Marco Arduini, Niklaus Schär and Ernst Schütz.

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