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Logo Camphill Academy

Camphill Academy provides professional education and certification in the interdisciplinary field of Inclusive Social Development, including concentrations in Curative Education, Social Therapy, Social Agriculture, and related fields through practice-integrated courses of studies embedded in the life and work of participating communities and organizations. Camphill Academy also offers continuing education in a variety of areas related to the work of the Camphill movement. 

All full-time programs in the Camphill Academy emphasize emergent field-based learning, embedded in the experience of community life as practiced in the Camphill Movement. They are rooted in rich and diverse practical experiences, which provide the driving force for the educational process and challenge students to ever further growth in personal capacities, practical skills, insight and understanding. Contemplative capacities are cultivated as an essential means for self-education and self-development. The practice of the fine and performing arts permeates all aspects of the learning process, supporting and enhancing the development of practical skills, inter- and intrapersonal capacities, and conceptual knowledge. 

In line with the needs of an increasingly fluid 21st Century environment, the Camphill Academy’s view of learning focuses on supporting the transformation of the individual student to a whole, fulfilled human being with the capacity to serve the good as an active agent in the world. Part-time programs, continuing education programs, research and other activities of the Camphill Academy are oriented towards the same goal and principles of emergent, embedded and embodied inquiry and learning, extending possibilities for participation to a wider audience.