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Quality products for Waldorf schools and kindergartens

Mercurius is the leading provider of high quality products to Waldorf schools. Over our 30 years of serving educators around the world, we have developed a unique selection of products specially tailored to the needs of Waldorf schools and their teachers.
The special qualities and pedagogical value our products offer is becoming more widely known and increasingly being used in other schools, by creative therapists and retailers.
We offer products for art and music instruction, classic school supplies, (wooden) toys and high-quality school furniture. Our art supply offerings cover painting, drawing, modelling, handicrafts, eurythmy shoes and materials. Our school supply selection includes blackboard chalk, penmanship training supplies, and a broad range of blank lesson books in many sizes and styles, and many other items that schools require on a regular basis.
Throughout the years since our founding, we have developed an unmatched degree of knowledge and expertise. While we are proud of our history, we eagerly embrace the future. We are working together with our customers and listen to them every day. This is how we find ways to tailor our offerings to their changing needs. Our commitment to schools, teachers, students, therapists and retailers is to insure that our products are always accessible, appropriate, and affordable.

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Serving schools worldwide for over 30 years
  • Exclusive Stockmar distributor
  • Balanced assortment of quality products
  • Active policy with regard to social and environmental responsibilities
  • Committed to only deliver the highest quality and safest products
  • Works jointly with customers, suppliers and social workshops
  • The best quality products for Waldorf schools, at a fair price
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Inclusion & Collaboration

Social inclusion and mutually-beneficial collaboration are fundamental principles at Mercurius.
Accordingly, we source products and services from organisations who employ people with disabilities and from suppliers with a social approach and environmental principles aligned with ours and those of our customers. Our support is of essential importance for these organisations, and all of Mercurius’s customers are a part of these meaningful efforts for more inclusion.
The products from the sheltered workshops we work with are of a high quality and often have a unique hand-crafted character. Along with the diligence and integrity apparent in their work, this provides tangible benefits to our customers while achieving our other shared goals.

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Mercurius’s International Partners

In collaboration with Mercurius partners in about 50 countries (and growing) we work together to provide Waldorf schools around the world with quality products. Thanks to our partners we can serve customers in their own language. The partners meet regularly to exchange ideas and learn from each other, so that we are able to keep improving our service and products.


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