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The Course Leaders and creators are Jean-Michel Florin, Co-Leader of the Agricultural Section at the Goetheanum, Katrin Kaeufer, Senior Research Fellow at MIT and President of the Presencing Institute, and Paul Mackay, Chairman of the Board of Weleda and former member of the Executive Council at the Goetheanum.

What makes this course unique is that it is designed on the basis of Anthroposophy and combines a number of the latest leadership concepts. The course is created in such a way that the participants can discover and develop their own way of leadership by integrating a truly spiritual dimension. 

This international course is meant for openminded (potential) leaders in all sectors of society. Participants will benefit best if they bring some years of leadership experience with them.


Module 1
30.9. – 4.10.2019

Module 2
24.2. – 28.2.2020


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Edda Nehmiz
Leadership Course
Rüttiweg 45
4143 Dornach/Switzerland
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